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On Friday’s drive we’ll explore the mountain roads above Los Angeles.  We’ll start at Dodger Stadium and then take the Arroyo Seco Parkway, the world’s first freeway, to Pasadena.  Then we’ll head north past Rose Bowl Stadium to La Cañada where the legendary Angeles Crest Highway begins.  We’ll climb 5000 ft. to Mount Wilson Observatory where we’ll stop for a break and the panoramic view of greater Los Angeles.  From there we’ll head down Big Tujunga Canyon, one of LA’s best kept driving secrets, and then hop on a scenic part of Interstate 210 and State Route 2 through the Verdugo Range and back down into LA proper.  We’ll end Friday’s drive at the LA Zoo in Griffith Park.

Route Distance (Miles): Roughly 100 Miles

Driver's Meeting: 7:00AM

Group Departs: 7:30AM

Turn-by-Turn: Click Here

Drive Highlights:

  • Angeles Crest Highway
  • Mount Wilson Observatory
  • Big Tujunga Canyon

Be Prepared:

  • This route is not that easy.  Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive.
  • Your brakes better be good to
  • Have a full tank of gas at the start.  There are only a couple spots before we head up Angeles Crest Highway.
  • There are a few short freeway entrances.  Be ready to merge.
  • Angeles Crest Highway has a lot of motorcycles and super cars on it.  Stay alert.
  • There are many turn outs on the way up to Mt. Wilson.  Stop if you need to.
  • The climb is pretty steep.  Again, stop if you need to at one of the many turn outs.  
  • There are public bathrooms up in the Mt. Wilson area.  
  • Be ready to lead a group.  There's always a chance that we will get split up at a stoplight or turn.  Don't panic.  Follow the directions and you'll be good to go.   
  • FOOD: We highly recommend packing your lunch/snacks/drinks/water.  There aren't many fast food spots on our route, but there are some great spots for a quick picnic lunch during one of the breaks.  

Meeting Point:

Address: 1351 Academy Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA 



Ending Point:

Address: Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA (See detailed map for location)


Friday Teaser Shots: