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Anthony Lamas - 1969 Fastback




Location: California, USA

Paint: Savanna Beige

Interior: Brown

Engine: 2332cc with 44IDFs

Wheels: Fuchs

Tires: 145 Fronts & 185 Rears


How has ISP helped you with your Type 3?

"Yes, very much so."


How long have you owned your Type 3?

"My first car in 1985 was a 69 Fastback...I’ve had several VW’s but Fasty's are my favorite....over 30 years later I now have another."


How would you describe your Type 3?

"A restored daily driver."


What's the furthest place you've traveled to in your Type 3?

"Cincinnati car show and got “best aircooled” award."


What's the next thing you'd like to do to your Type 3?

"It’s all done."


Have you owned more than one Type 3? Do you currently own more than one Type 3?

"I’ve owned several Squarebacks throughout the 80’s, but Fastbacks are my favorite....I also own a 66 bus, and a 58 ragtop Beetle, but, my Fastback is my favorite."


What's the best part about owning a Type 3?

"They’re unique and most people have never seen a Fastback."