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Customer Cars


Show off your ride with your own personal photo gallery and detail section!



Brad Luckert's 1963 Notchback

Paul Merriman's 1963 Notchback

Julie Payton's 1964 Notchback

Mike Chatham's 1964 Notchback

Joseph Ricci's 1965 Notchback

Jorg Koryciak's 1968 Notchback



Jeff Parry's 1967 Squareback

Kevin Varner's 1967 Squareback

Jason Johnston's 1968 Squareback

Mike Mormanis' 1969 Squareback

Aiden Eckert's 1970 Squareback

Kristof De Decker's 1970 Squareback

Zsolt Gal's 1970 Squareback

Victor Cano's 1971 Squareback

Scot Legg's 1973 Squareback Truck



Anthony Lamas' 1969 Fastback

Ryan Marchi's 1969 Fastback


Type 34s

Rick Hasse's 1968 Type 34




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