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Kristof De Decker - 1970 Squareback




Location: Belgium

Paint: Clementine Orange (Patina)

Interior: Black

Engine: 1955cc with Automatic Transmission

Wheels: Gas Burners

Tires: 175/50 Front & 185/65 Rear


How has ISP helped you with your Type 3?

"All window and door seals, all interior panels."


How long have you owned your Type 3?

"I drove a Golf 2 gtd and 5 years ago I changed work and met new people that drove Beetles.  One of them kept nagging to join them and all of a sudden I had a Type 3.  Imported from California so all the rubbers parts and interior was ruined, engine and tranny where next to the car. For a newbie I had my work cut out but very happy that it's done.  I own the car now 3 years, worked on it for almost 1 year and drive 2 years."


How would you describe your Type 3?

"From scattered into a million pieces to made to drive but it still stays a project because I always find something I want to change. :)"


What's the furthest place you've traveled to in your Type 3?

"The longest I drove until now is around 400km in 1 day.  Did a little road trip here in Belgium with my little girl.  She is almost 5 and she loves the Squareback very much."


What's the next thing you'd like to do to your Type 3?

"Change the IRS engine mounts."


Have you owned more than one Type 3? Do you currently own more than one Type 3?

"Just 1."


What's the best part about owning a Type 3?

"Seeing the heads turning when you pass by and the thumbs up you get and for me personally the experience you get while driving the car."