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Kevin Varner - 1967 Squareback




Location: USA

Paint: Off-White

Interior: Black

Engine: 1641cc

Wheels: Stock

Tires: 165 Front & 135 Rear


How has ISP helped you with your Type 3?

"Car has several parts from ISP West inside and out."


How long have you owned your Type 3?

"About 10 years."


How would you describe your Type 3?

"All stock with a little cool!"


What's the furthest place you've traveled to in your Type 3?

"No long trips."


What's the next thing you'd like to do to your Type 3?

"Time for some air ride and smoothies."


Have you owned more than one Type 3? Do you currently own more than one Type 3?

"First Type 3 but owned other VWs."


What's the best part about owning a Type 3?

"Everybody wants to know what it is."