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Rick Hasse - 1968 Type 34




Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Paint: Ruby Red

Interior: Black

Engine: Stock 1600cc

Wheels: Stock

Tires: Stock


How has ISP helped you with your Type 34?

"I just recently purchased the 68 T34 so some rubber seals, wiper blades, etc.  Been purchasing more from ISP for the 65 T34 I’m restoring."


How long have you owned your Type 34?

"Purchased in July of this year.  Previous owner had for 42 years.  Lee Hedges connected us for parts and he decided to sell me his T34.  My 1965 T34 I’ve owned for 4 years and purchased off TheSamba.  It’s currently in paint."


How would you describe your Type 34?

"This 1968 is a solid driver. The 1965 is in restoration mode."


What's the furthest place you've traveled to in your Type 34?

"About an hour north of Pittsburgh to McConnells Mill to hike."


What's the next thing you'd like to do to your Type 34?

"Fix the sunroof and install a stock exhaust."


Have you owned more than one Type 34? Do you currently own more than one Type 34?

"Currently 2 Type 34’s."


What's the best part about owning a Type 34?

"Stylish and best driving VW."