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Mike Mormanis - 1969 Squareback




Location: USA

Paint: Savannah Beige

Interior: Black

Engine: 1600cc

Wheels: Mangel Chrome 5.5" x 15"

Tires: 195/65-15


How has ISP helped you with your Type 3?

"I've purchased a lot of parts over the years."


How long have you owned your Type 3?

"In June 2004, Barber VW in Ventura, CA donated the car to the Ventura Boys & Girls Club for an auction. I was unable to go to the auction, but my neighbor was going. I gave him a check and a price limit and actually got the car at $500 less than what my limit was. I got the car for $3500."


How would you describe your Type 3?

"It's my daily driver and a continuing project."


What's the furthest place you've traveled to in your Type 3?

"Ventura, CA to Palm Springs, CA."


What's the next thing you'd like to do to your Type 3?

"Install new rear window rubber, fender beading, and door rubber."


Have you owned more than one Type 3? Do you currently own more than one Type 3?

"This is my first, after several Bugs and a Karmann Ghia."


What's the best part about owning a Type 3?

"The smiles and thumbs up I get from other drivers."